After School Programs

Soccer for Success program was established in Fall of 2010 and ran through Spring 2013. After implementing the program and overseeing coaching education courses, the locations are now self sufficient. The program served children at 35 sites throughout Newark and Camden, NJ and Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY:

- Al Oerter Recreation Center      - Avon Elementary School
- Bayview Cornerstone                 - Boys and Girls Club of Camden County
- Bushwick Cornerstone               - Brownsville Beacon
- CAMBA East NY Beacon          - Catholic School Coalition of Camden County
- Chelsea Recreation Center         - Children's Village Polo Grounds
- Crown Heights Beacon              - DFOY at St. Ignatius
- Flatbush Beacon                         - Good Shepherds Cornerstone
- Goodwill Farragut                      - Grand Street Settlement
- IS 78 Brooklyn                           - IS 234 Brooklyn

- North Star Academy Clinton Hill Middle School
- North Star Academy Downtown Middle School
- North Star Academy Fairmount Elementary School
- North Star Academy Vailsburg Middle School

- MS 8 Jamaica Queens                - MS 203 Brooklyn
- MS 172 Brooklyn                      - Myrtle Ave Cornerstone
- PS 119 Brooklyn                       - PS 234 Brooklyn
- PS 251 Brooklyn                       - PS 312 Brooklyn
- PS 317 Brooklyn                       - PS 318 Brooklyn
- Roy H Mann Center                 - SCANN Johnson Cornerstone
- South Bronx United                  - St. Mary's Recreation Center
- University Settlement

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From 2008-2013, CRF provided over 70 after-school programs in NY and NJ.  If you are outside the NYC area and are interested in learning how to launch a program, ask us how!  Contact us

With the formation of New York City FC, CRF proudly consulted with launching their community development initiatives and happily turned our programs over to their more than capable hands.  NYCFC is able to take things to a new level and has already launched a new alliance with 8+ clubs in all 5 Boroughs and Westchester County, built new fields, and more. To learn more, visit